STAFF EDITORIAL: Don’t dream of holidays; live them

Staff Editorial

 Can you imagine it? 

Passing by relieved pupils with happy faces in the halls, packing your things for a great trip and making the drive back home in the cold of November.

A relief from the tumult of work and school is needed. We’re seeing the beginning of that relief now.

Can you imagine it?

Opening that door to home, meeting the eyes of your loved ones, patting the family dog or cat on the head, hearing that satisfying ‘plop’ on the ground that echoes the ding of an oven bearing holiday cookies, like it’s all reassuring you that you’ve made it home.

You’ve made it through the semester so far. You’ve done all that you can in the time you were given. You’ve made your family and friends proud just by making it home. You’re home.

Can you imagine it?

Smelling cranberries, dough, pumpkin, turkey roasting in the oven in the afternoon. Waiting on the edge of your seat to take the first bite.

Thanksgiving dinner with the family. A crackling fire, family sitting in a circle to tell stories, the gentle ‘clangs’ of teacups hitting tea trays, the aroma of hot chocolate grazing your face, the sound of laughter cutting through your family’s natural clamor.

You’re feeling something you’ve wanted to feel, no, desperately needed to feel for the first time in weeks. 

You’re feeling relief.

You’re feeling joy.

You’re feeling warmth.

Can you imagine it?

People getting up, some in a hurry and some with understanding patience, making their ways toward the room with the food.

The smell of basted turkey, sweet cranberry jam, savory pumpkin pie. Visions of plates stacked, silverware posed, everything ready for the taking.

Meals this delicious don’t come by very often. You haven’t had a home-cooked meal in months. Just stepping in for the first time this Thanksgiving, you know you’re ready to indulge.

Despite what you’ve told yourself during the lowest points of this semester, you deserve this moment.

Despite the turmoil and melancholy you’ve experienced this semester, you are home now.

Despite it all, you’re in a good place now. You’re away from all of that, if only for a while.

Can you imagine it?

Take this time to live out dreams of Thanksgiving.

Spend your time succumbing to the realities of Thanksgiving. Let it possess you. Let that which relieves you — that which gives you comfort amid dark times — overcome you.

Spend this time with family, friends and loved ones.

Spend it alone, enjoying the calmness.

Spend it traveling away from home, going wherever you please.

Spend it the way you desire; take control of the moment.

You don’t have to imagine it anymore. Just live it.

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