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We need to teach youth not to bully

Katelyn Eddington, Columnist

March 6, 2020

The other night, my favorite 13-year-old ever called me and said, “Kaka, all my so-called friends are talking bad about me behind my back.”  Of course, me being her older sister, I wanted to handle this on my own; however, knowing that her friends have done this off and on since they started ju...

Keep Christmas traditions alive

Katelyn Eddington

December 6, 2019

When I was little I used to think nothing could touch or harm the people I loved the most.  Well, then I grew up and life got a little complicated. Christmas time used to be the best time of year.  My Grandma Donna made it so magical by decorating the house from the roof to the ground. Ever...

Here’s why Thanksgiving is my favorite

Blake Faith

November 22, 2019

Less than a week away from my favorite holiday of the year and I’m excited. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is enjoyable for a lot of people and for me it's my favorite.  I can’t even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Which is tough, because of streaming services with Christmas movie...

Relax during Thanksgiving break

Katelyn Eddington

November 22, 2019

I should not have to explain myself or keep apologizing for everything.  My anxiety has been through the roof, it is the end of the semester rush.  And when my anxiety gets like this, all I do is apologize and feel like I must explain myself to everyone.  I should not have to apologize for ...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Don’t dream of holidays; live them

Staff Editorial

November 22, 2019

 Can you imagine it?  Passing by relieved pupils with happy faces in the halls, packing your things for a great trip and making the drive back home in the cold of November. A relief from the tumult of work and school is needed. We’re seeing the beginning of that relief now. Can you imagine...

Family is the antidote to homesickness

Karena Ozier, Columnist

November 12, 2019

There is nothing quite like family time. After being away at school for a second year, I thought I was immune to being homesick. I was wrong. I missed home so much that I started to feel like I was falling behind in my classes. I was unable to focus because I was trying to distract myself from being...

October is tough for me: Here’s why

Blake Faith, Columnist

October 3, 2019

It’s October now. For most people, October is about Halloween and haunted houses. For me, it’s about trying to forget about my biological father's birthday because of our strained relationship. Last weekend was Family Weekend, and I had two days of visits. My mom and my siblings came the first...

Coffee is one influential drink

Alyssa Cravens, Staff Reporter

July 16, 2019

I didn’t like coffee—at least, not at first. It took several years of drinks littered with sugar and the slightest coffee taste to slowly build myself up to a point where I could drink it any other way. Today, I find myself craving the bitter taste, hot or cold, in the morning, noon or night;...

My dog is the greatest thing in my life

Jessica Stewart, Columnist

July 15, 2019

I never had a pet growing up. I had fish, but you can't snuggle fish. You can't really play with fish. I always wanted a dog, so when I started renting my first house here in Charleston, I decided to adopt one. My boyfriend and I had been looking around at different shelters to see if anyone h...

Get rid of unnecessary ‘clutter’

Andrew Paisley, Opinions Editor

March 31, 2019

Sometimes in life you have to really evaluate what is important and what is not. I have had to do this a lot lately, and it includes determining whether or not certain people should be a part of my life. There are people in life who want to see you fail and thrive in knowing that your life is completely un...

Family isn’t always supportive

Andrew Paisley, Opinions Editor

March 17, 2019

It truly is amazing how some of your own family members can be the ones that aim to bring you down. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced this tragedy practically my entire life with certain people in my family. I guess it really only got worse when I came out of the closet. These people thrive to make sure that ...

The honorable names behind my name

Karena Ozier, Columnist

February 12, 2019

Karen … Katrina … Korenna? My name has been said and spelled many different ways. From leaving out a letter to adding a letter, I know when my name is being called when the teacher starts to sound it out. I have always thought of my name as complicated. I would always ask my parents why they didn...

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