PODCAST: Popcorn Talk Episode 5 (‘The Lion King’ 2019)

“The Lion King (2019)” is the newest Disney remake to hit theaters; it tells the classic story of an envious, evil uncle set on overthrowing the current monarch and his son and almost succeeds in doing so. Fortunately, our hero Simba comes out on top and proves that he still has some of his father in him.

The film is carried by powerful voices from James Earl Jones (Mufasa), Donald Glover (adult Simba) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Scar) accompanied by beautiful CGI animation. Unfortunately, the animation hurts the film than it helps.

All characters are practically indecipherable compared to their real-life animal counterparts without much facial expression to convey any emotions they may have. This can be a big problem for immersion. Did we think it was that big of a deal? Spoiler warning: Yes, we did. Listen on to hear more of what we had to say about “The Lion King (2019).”

“Popcorn Talk” is a 30-minute long podcast dissecting movies both new and old and providing a decent review that will at least help you decide if a movie is worth seeing or not.

In this fifth episode of “Popcorn Talk,” Logan Raschke, a senior journalism major at Eastern Illinois University and Summer 2019 editor-in-chief for The Daily Eastern News, and Analicia “Anali” Haynes, a senior journalism major and senior reporter for the DEN, analyze “The Lion King (2019).”