Live a healthy lifestyle: wash your hands

Staff Editorial

It is officially that time of year again.

What, you thought we meant Christmas?

No. As excited members of the editorial board of The Daily Eastern News are for the upcoming holiday festivities, we mean that time of year when everyone seems to be getting sick.

We see our fellow students sniffling in the halls. We hear you grumble and moan that your body aches and your throat hurts.

So do us all a favor. Wash your hands. And not just after you go to the bathroom. (But after that, too, of course.That’s what the sinks are for.)

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (as well as good ol’ common sense) washing one’s hands often for 20 seconds with soap and warm water can prevent illness.

Wash them after you type your paper using the library, or the Gregg Technology Center’s, or any public computer. You do not know where the hands of the person who used the computer before you have been.

And if you are sick, even though it is almost finals, do not go to class. Now, we do not mean skip your 8 a.m. because your throat tickles or because your head “feels a little icky.” If it is something you can handle and that will not affect your learning, go. But if you have a high fever and are coughing every five seconds, let your professor know and stay home. The person who sits next to you will thank you.

Yes, it is the week before finals, but if you cannot even concentrate on the words in front of you because your head is pounding, it is pointless to go to class, especially when it will hinder your ability to get well. All going to class sick will do is give your classmates good practice giving you the stink-eye while you cough and wheeze through your professor’s lecture.

And of course, do other things to stay healthy too. Even though it is almost time to buckle down and get ready for finals, try to keep a somewhat normal sleep schedule. Your work is not going to be at its best at 4 a.m., when your eyes are blurry, you have been up for 36 straight hours and you have a cold to boot. While we know there will be some late nights coming up as we gear up for finals, keep this in moderation. Perhaps take a short nap between study sessions.  Eat (nutritious) foods,  besides the crackers you can conveniently find in a vending machine on the way to class.

We only have a couple weeks left. Make sure you keep yourself healthy now so you can have a better break later.