Finding comfort as the cold comes

Chrissy Miller, News Editor

Wearing my boyfriend’s comfy jacket, I am curled up with a big bowl of SpaghettiOs as I write this.

While this is most definitely not the healthiest choice of meals or the most glamorous way to go about getting work done, these little things provide the comfort I need to handle the work ahead in this increasingly chilly weather.

Whether or not this time period qualifies as part of the holiday season is something of a heated debate. Even though some people are caroling and have Christmas decorations up, there are still projects to be done and classes to attend, as well as Thanksgiving coming up in a couple weeks.

In these hectic times, it becomes easy to get dragged down. Days are shorter and with schedules as crazy as they are, we might even miss the chance to be in the sun for more than a few minutes a day.

To keep from being brought down while in this weird in between, when the sun and warmth disappear from outside, we need to find warmth elsewhere.

For some this could mean an extra cup of coffee or hot chocolate. For others, homesickness around this almost-holiday season can play a big role in their mood, so curling up with a blanket from a loved one or giving their parents a call, might be uplifting.

Just because it may not be as warm does not mean all activities have to be slowed. There is nothing wrong with turning to the gym as an alternative to jogging outside in the cold.

Then again, if exercise is not your thing, there is nothing wrong with not jogging at all. Sometimes cookies can be just as satisfying. Plus, they require a whole lot less work.

As the weather gets drearier, people will be forced inside. Instead of looking at this as a downside, consider it the perfect time to get together with friends to have fun and make memories. Cheerful things that are stereotypically done during the holiday season can be just as fun at any other time.

The important thing is finding those things that make the weather and shorter days an asset instead of a disadvantage.

Less daylight can allow people more time to see the stars. Even with the cold and it being a time in-between holidays there are so many things that make this season a wonderful whirlwind in its own right.

To enjoy this time of the year, people must realize while it is a challenging time of the year, it will all be worth it when the holidays come around as long as we take care of ourselves during the meantime.


Chrissy Miller is a junior elementary education major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].