Don’t forget all the positives in life

Staff Report

As college students, it is easy to think we are ‘broke.’

Many students, upon not being able to afford another cup of coffee at Starbucks or Java, or being able to afford the $100 sweater they had their eye on, will roll their eyes and tell their friends “I’m so poor.”

While there are, of course, students who do deal with food insecurity and have trouble making ends meet, there are some others who complain about being poor even though they really are not.

Not being able to get that caramel drizzle double shot frappa-mocha-latte is not the same thing as actually being in poverty.

We can all easily get in a rut by complaining about things like this, and not realizing that life is fleeting, and we need to make the most of the days we have.

That is why this November, as everyone gets ready for Thanksgiving, it is important to remember all the things we have that we are thankful for.

Yes, you might not be able to, but you are able to further your education. That is one thing you can be thankful for. Because of a multitude of reasons, some people do not get to have the same opportunity.

It is easy to grumble about yet another test, or assignment that we need to do. We at The Daily Eastern News are guilty of doing the same. However, this not only makes us seem ungrateful, but it also makes it easier to get in a frustrated mindset. Pretty soon, you are stuck in a rut of constant complaints and constant irritation, and forget to see all of the good the world has to offer. Though it might not seem like there is much these days, life goes on, even in the darkest days. There are always babies being born, or soulmates getting married. Society is getting more accepting, and we are able to communicate better than ever with the help of technology. There are definitely wide-scale and small-scale things to be happy and thankful for.

Even if it is something as small as just barely passing a test you knew you flunked, or getting to meet your friend for coffee for the first time in forever, there is always a reason to be grateful. While it is important to acknowledge, process and deal with negative feelings, little positive things are just as important to realize.

Do not let Thanksgiving, when your family goes around the table and names “one thing they are thankful for” be the only time you show gratitude this season. Instead, try to be grateful all year round.