Students help hungry families with ‘Cans 4 A Cause’

Maria Baldwin, Sports Feature Reporter

“Cans 4 A Cause,” a benefit organized by students from CMN 3950, a class about conferences and event planning, collected donations of canned foods Wednesday night in the 7th Street Underground of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

The canned goods were collected and donated to the Charleston Food Pantry.

The group behind the benefit included seniors Devin Church, Jalen Whitlow, Sean Milner, Max Reider, Keith Holmes and Ben Odugbesan, who are all communication studies majors.

Scott Walus, an assistant professor in communication studies, taught the course.

Students participated in several activities at the benefit including bean bag toss and a touchdown dance competition while a DJ played music.

Odugbesan said the touchdown dance was an event that everyone was looking forward to, and it did not disappoint.

“Many of the people here got a chance to get out of their comfort zones.” Odugbesan said. “They enjoyed themselves, and everyone here got to feel the energy of scoring a real touchdown and celebrating the moment. Everyone was laughing, and everyone is still having a great time.”

Church said being charitable means giving back.

“I always told myself that if I’m ever in a position where I can give back, I always will. I know everyone isn’t as fortunate as I am, and to give back is your duty,” Church said. “There’s a lot of people who need food here in Charleston, and if I can help them out, I will always definitely do so.”

The group estimated to have 50 donated cans and they ended up with 43.

“I’m doing something for a good cause, while having fun at the same time. Knowing that I’m collecting cans and helping families in need gives me a sense of gratitude,” Milner said. “We are helping over 50 families just by having a fun night and maybe spending less than a dollar. The whole football team is here as well, and that really brought other people in to come.”

Milner said the prize of the evening was a signed football from the Eastern football team and said it was really cool.

Bradley Dewberry, a junior kinesiology and sports studies major, said the benefit was a good way to meet new people and it made him feel good to help people who are less fortunate than him.

“This is something I always thought about growing up; seeing professional athletes give back to the community,” Dewberry said. “As a football player at Eastern, I’m thankful for the chance to give back.”

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