T-shirt swap event canceled

Luis Martinez, Entertainment Editor

The “Tees for Blue” T-shirt Swap event has been canceled.

Nathan Wehr, the interim assistant director of student life, said the event is no longer happening because they were unable to provide students with quality t-shirts.

“We didn’t want to have an event that wasn’t going to be a quality event, that wasn’t going to be able to be provided well to the students,” Wehr said. “Because of that, and some offices having limited resources weren’t able to donate the amount they have done in previous years.”

Wehr said if they were going to do the t-shirt swap event, they wanted to be able to do it right.

“We decided to focus our efforts into the bonfire and to the yell like hell and for the parade,” Wehr said. “We decided to focus our efforts on different events.”

The other homecoming event planned for Thursday is the bonfire at the campus pond pavilion from 6:30 to 9 p.m.


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