YouTube makes people laugh, one video at a time

Mackenzie Freund, City Editor

The Internet has plenty of different outlets for students to distract themselves for a few minutes.

I know that every so often, more often than not, I find myself stressing out over the smallest of things.

Sometimes it is a five-point quiz.

I have found that YouTube is a great outlet that lets me get a laugh watching something like Jimmy Fallon clips, or kill time watching BuzzFeed videos.

YouTube has such a variety of things to watch, and I personally find myself laughing a lot harder at the pointless BuzzFeed videos than one person probably should.

Being able to surf YouTube and just take a breather for a second is probably one of the best feelings, but can also be a bit of a problem.

Yesterday, I went on YouTube with the intention of watching a couple of BuzzFeed videos while I ate dinner before I went to work, and I somehow ended up watching videos my sister had shown me seven years ago.

YouTube has such a variety of video genres and topics that it can sometimes be a little unbelievable.

One of the first funny videos I saw on YouTube was the video “Muffins” posted by LiamKyleSullivan, and I personally think it is one of the funniest/stupidest videos I have ever seen.

Jimmy Fallon is another favorite of mine.

I just love watching some of the clips from his show.

The most recent one I have seen is the “Good Burger” skit where Kenan and Kel return for another sketch.

My all-time favorite videos by Fallon would have to be the thank you notes.

They always seem to just be obviously funny, like when he wrote a thank you note to tiny glasses and said “for making a spectacle of yourself.”

While there are the funny videos that most everyone seems to enjoy, there are also the ones that are a bit more serious.

While I can’t recall the name of the video, Shane Dawson posted one about parents and how not all of them are what we want.

Dawson plays all his own characters, and in this particular video, the setting is at a dance where one of the students’ parents is acting crazy, so the student walks out.

The teacher follows the student and talk to them, saying “have kids. Be the parent you never had.”

While most of Dawsons videos are funny, there are the sometimes serious ones that kind of need to be said.

I think most people benefit from all of the different kinds of videos, because some of them get us laughing, and some get us thinking on a different level.

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