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Review Committee plans final recommendations

Todd Bruns is an institutional repository librarian who is working on the committee to review Workgroups no. 8 and 9’s proposals. He, along with biological sciences professor Billy Hung, will began work on writing a draft of the review committees final proposal which is due before Jan 15th.

Brooke Schwartz, Administration Reporter

December 10, 2017

With the final recommendations needing to be in by Jan. 15, the Workgroup Review Committee spent its meeting planning how to structure its proposal. The proposal was created from the committee reviewing Vitalization Project Workgroups No. 8 and 9`s recommendations over the last seven weeks. Members ...

Faculty Senate talks IBHE dual credit concerns

Larry White is a professor of management information systems and operations management. He also represents Eastern on the faculty advisory board of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Brooke Schwartz, Administration Reporter

December 5, 2017

Business professor Larry White, Eastern’s representative for the Illinois Board of Higher Education’s faculty advisory committee, talked about the committee’s concerns about dual credit programs at Tuesday’s meeting. The IBHE is an agency meant to allow all Illinois universities, public or pr...

Review committee takes a look at reorganizing colleges, four-day academic week

English Department Chair Dana Ringuette, Institutional Repository Librarian Todd Bruns, and Rebecca Throneburg, communication and disorders and sciences professor, listen to discussions about the potential schedule change. Bruns said he was interested in the potential four day week, with oppositions coming from Douglas Klarup, interim dean and professor of analytical chemistry.

Brooke Schwartz, Administration Reporter

October 29, 2017

Editor's Note: The Review Committee for Workgroups no. 8 and 9’s proposals is looking at information based off last year’s vitalization project. Workgroup no. 8 from the vitalization project looked at creating programs that could increase Eastern’s enrollment and academic standings. Workgroup no. 9...

Faculty Senate to populate Review Committee

Chrissy Miller, News Editor

October 16, 2017

Provost Jay Gatrell’s review committee for Workgroups no. 8 and 9’s recommendations during the vitalization project will be populated tomorrow at 2 p.m. Tuesday during a Faculty Senate meeting. Workgroup no. 8 looked at developing programs that could increase Eastern’s enrollment and Workgroup...

Nominations being taken for committee to give feedback on Workgroups no. 8,9

Cassie Buchman, Editor in Chief

October 5, 2017

Nominations to serve on a committee to review and give feedback on vitalization Workgroup no. 8 and 9’s recommendations will be taken by the Faculty Senate until Monday Oct. 16. The Faculty Senate has sent out a call to faculty asking for them to nominate people and self-nominate to serve on the com...

Faculty senate votes to ask Glassman to restaff naming committee

Brooke Schwartz, Admistration Reporter

October 3, 2017

A resolution to urge Eastern President David Glassman to re-staff a naming committee to discuss changing Douglas Hall’s name was passed at the Faculty Senate meeting Tuesday. The resolution passed 12 to one, plus one abstention. The semester-long debate has spanned outside the campus and into...

Faculty senate to discuss new committee proposal

Cassie Buchman, Editor in Chief

October 2, 2017

The Faculty Senate has been sent a proposal by the Provost asking it to look at recommendations made by Workgroups no. 8 and 9 in the vitalization project, according to the agenda for its meeting 2 p.m. Tuesday in room 4440 of the Booth Library. Provost Jay Gatrell submitted a written report to the...

Workgroup No. 8 approved its final recommendation report

Kalyn Hayslett, Editor in Chief

April 16, 2017

All members present during Workgroup No. 8’s meeting Friday afternoon approved its final recommendation report. The members were united with a majority of the recommendations, however, the members still created a minority report about the workgroup’s suggestions regarding new and modified programs....

Workgroup No. 8 updates draft document for final report

Kalyn Hayslett, Editor in Chief

April 10, 2017

Workgroup No. 8, Academic Visioning I worked on solidifying its final recommendations Friday by adding two micro degrees and two doctorate degree programs. The current draft document recommends a doctorate of nursing practice degree, a physical therapy residential bridge program and a doctorate degree...

Potential signature programs presented to Workgroup members

Analicia Haynes, Online Editor

March 5, 2017

  Two departments presented ideas for signature programs at Workgroup No. 8, Academic Visioning I’s meeting Friday. Physics professors Jie Zou and Doug Brandt presented on behalf of the physics department and proposed a bachelor’s degree program in electrical engineering. Kathleen O’Rourke,...

Workgroup make plans to arrange, analyze data

Kalyn Hayslett, Editor-in-Chief

February 6, 2017

  Workgroup No. 8, Academic Visioning I, determined how they will analyze survey results and how they will begin formatting their final recommendations during its Friday meeting. Workgroup member Ryan Hendrickson, interim dean of the graduate school, said the group will look at how to increase...

Workgroups to ask for campus feedback

Staff Report

January 31, 2017

Several workgroups from the vitalization project will be having town hall meetings to hear feedback from the campus on their work. Workgroup No. 8, Academic Visioning I, will have its meeting 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday in the Grand Ballroom of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union. Workgroup...

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