Faculty senate to discuss new committee proposal

Cassie Buchman, Editor in Chief

The Faculty Senate has been sent a proposal by the Provost asking it to look at recommendations made by Workgroups no. 8 and 9 in the vitalization project, according to the agenda for its meeting 2 p.m. Tuesday in room 4440 of the Booth Library.

Provost Jay Gatrell submitted a written report to the Faculty Senate, asking that a “Feedback Committee” be made to determine the “merits, priorities and overall feasibility” of individual recommendations of Workgroups no. 8 and 9.

Workgroup no. 8 looked at developing programs that could increase Eastern’s enrollment and Workgroup no. 9 analyzed the organization of the university’s academic colleges, schools and departments. It also looked at different learning platforms and tuition models that could be used.

The potential committee would be made up of the Provost, two deans, one associate dean, two chairs and five appointees from the Faculty Senate. According to the Provost’s report, this would include representatives from all colleges and a member of the graduate faculty.

The timeline for this committee to provide a summary of its work, proposed priorities and other feedback to the Provost is no later than Jan.15. It is then set to be discussed more at the President’s Council.

Jeff Stowell, vice chair of the Faculty Senate and the former chair of Workgroup no. 8,

said it will be determined how to best select people to be on the committee.

During his work in Workgroup no. 8, Stowell said all the group did was make recommendations that were then submitted to Eastern President David Glassman.

“We expected that he would work with the deans and others directly affected by our recommendations and begin investigating those,” Stowell said. “However, it sounds like maybe with the new Provost, he would like to have a little bit more discussion about which one of these (recommendations) would be feasible, where we should we begin.”

A committee was created internally in the Faculty Senate last year to review recommendations from vitalization project Workgroup no. 7, which analyzed academic programs.

This was later disbanded after the Faculty Senate felt the committee “fulfilled its purpose,” Stowell said.

He said the committee looking at Workgroups no. 8 and 9 will be broader and involve people outside of the Faculty Senate.

Being voted on at the Faculty Senate meeting will also be a resolution asking Glassman to staff and task the University Naming Committee per the regulations in Internal Governing Policy 148.

In the resolution, it also asks Glassman to use the opportunity to take on a review of facility names across campus.

In IGP 148, it states that the university president should do this every ten years.

This resolution comes after discussions by the Faculty Senate over a proposal submitted by former Eastern English professor Chris Hanlon to change the name of Douglas Hall.

The University Naming Committee, according to IGP 148, would be composed of six individuals who would serve for a yearlong term.

It would consist of a chair (or designee) of Faculty Senate, CAA, Staff Senate, Student Senate, Council of Chairs and two presidential appointees.

In IGP 148, it states that if the president accepts a recommendations to rename a campus facility, the recommendations will be reviewed by the President’s Council then voted on by the Board of Trustees. Facilities can only be renamed with Board approval.

The resolution goes on to recommend that the university initiate or revise the principles governing the naming or renaming of facilities on campus, in the same manner of institutions such as Yale.

“We advocate that a variety of voices from throughout the campus community be heard in this process, and strongly recommend that a name change be considered,” the resolution states.

Glassman is set to be at Tuesday’s meeting.

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