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The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

STAFF EDITORIAL: Tuesday an important precursor for polls

Staff Editorial March 2, 2020

Illinois’ presidential primary date is still two weeks away (early voting is open, however), but Tuesday’s “Super Tuesday” voting day will tell Illinois voters a lot about what to expect when they...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Cease making excuses; just vote

Staff Editorial February 27, 2020

The excuses remain the same in almost every election cycle when people say why they did not vote. “Don’t care.” “My vote doesn’t matter.” And the infamous “I didn’t have time.” None...

Yes, Trump could really win in 2020

Dillan Schorfheide, Sports Editor July 3, 2019

Can Donald Trump win the 2020 election and stay in the Oval Office? I think right now he is my favorite to win, although I wish that was not the case. For so long, the Democratic Party used multiple...

Lahr, Newell reelected as councilmen

Corryn Brock, Associate News Editor April 2, 2019

Charleston City Councilmen Jeffrey Lahr and Tim Newell won the elections to their positions April 2. Lahr received 38.66 percent of the votes (665 votes), and Newell received 34.19 percent of the votes...

Student government voting begins April 1

Logan Raschke, News Editor March 28, 2019

Eastern students will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite candidates for student government’s executive board and Student Senate starting April 1. Voting begins at 8 a.m. on April 1 and...

Thank you to everyone who voted

Kate Rehwinkel, Columnist November 12, 2018

Thank goodness, November 6 is done and over with, and I could not be more thrilled. I am thankful to have my ads on Spotify and Hulu not be sponsored by JB Pritzker or Bruce Rauner anymore. Now, pointless...

Your vote does matter

November 6, 2018

Nothing in life comes easy. Yes, yes that is the biggest cliche ever, we get that, but there is some validity to that, especially in regard to voting. The day after Election Day is more annoying and...

Be informed about candidates, your future

Staff Editorial November 5, 2018

We know you’ve heard it a million times from a million different sources, but no matter how annoyed you are with the bombard of ‘vote’ messages on your social media, the thought remains true. VOTE....

Here are 5 reasons why your vote matters

Jackson Bayer, Columnist November 5, 2018

1. Voting means you care about your community and your state and your country—and it’s important that you vote in elections at all of those levels, because all of the people you vote for will hold...

EIU-UPI, EIU Progressives to provide transportation to, from polling sites

Staff Report November 5, 2018

University Professionals of Illinois Local 4100 and EIU Progressives will be collaborating to provide transportation to and from polling sites Nov. 6 from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. People who wish to vote,...

Student senate fails to meet quorum, voting for executive positions to start Monday

Analicia Haynes, Managing Editor March 28, 2018

The Student Senate did not meet quorum Wednesday night and only gave their committee reports and executive reports during the meeting. However, voting for the executive board positions will be next...

Those who were registered to vote Tuesday night received an I Voted sticker after turning in their ballot.

Election judges, constituents discuss primary elections

Olivia Swenson-Hultz , News Editor March 20, 2018

As people gathered to cast their votes in the primary elections, election judges and community members shared their opinions on the candidates, why it is important to participate in the elections and how...

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