Yes, Trump could really win in 2020

Dillan Schorfheide, Sports Editor

Can Donald Trump win the 2020 election and stay in the Oval Office?

I think right now he is my favorite to win, although I wish that was not the case.

For so long, the Democratic Party used multiple upon multiple avenues to try to get the president impeached.

Calling for tax returns, using another rape allegation and flat-out just telling everyone he needs to be impeached have been tried and tested, yet he has tweeted every attack away.

We need to stop kidding ourselves: The man is invincible.

As crazy and sometimes idolatrous as it is to say, he is literally untouchable, it seems, and has this almighty power to shrug everything off.

Why would he win the 2020 election?

Here is why:

· He has multiple sexual assault allegations made against him, even rape accusations.

· Only 43 percent of Americans approve of his job performance in recent polls, according to Gallup.

· He is at the forefront of multiple controversies.

Wait, those sound like negative things that would affect his chances.

And yet, those all (except the poll) are things he had going against him in 2016 when he won.

Even now, he has the border controversy and the Iran situation that should make people weary of his performance, yet he is still the leading Republican candidate right now.

He is also the only Republican running… wait, what is that? Oh, and there is William F. Weld, former governor of Massachusetts, according to The New York Times.

Therein lies the crux of why he could win: He has no work to do.

At least as of right now, nobody is challenging him, and I quite frankly believe nobody will.

From what I can tell, all Republicans who could run are just sitting back and letting Trump do whatever.

Who can stop him?

Paul Ryan? No. Mitt Romney? Maybe, but who cares about him anymore? Ted Cruz? I doubt it; he is probably still embarrassed from his loss to Trump in 2016.

Switching gears to look at the Democratic side, there are 20 people running for the coveted Democratic nomination for the presidential election.

With how wishy-washy voters can already be, imagine people bouncing back and forth between 20 people.

Of course there are the big names, like Barack Obama (sorry, Joe Biden), Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and others.

But the small people, like Marianne Williamson, will get the small majority of the voters, which can be deadly.

That big of a split in the party could detract from the traction of the candidate who gets the Democratic ticket.

Politics are also so divided in this country that people may not support the candidate for their party, simply because their candidate did not get the ticket.

For example, Williamson followers may not vote for Biden in the actual election because he beat out their choice.

The only way, THE ONLY WAY, I see Trump losing is a complete unification of the Democratic Party.

Biden may have Obama’s name attached to him, but a divided voter base may not be enough for him, while the Republican party seems 100 percent in on Trump.

Dillan Schorfheide is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].