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Q&A with Kyndall Davis

Junior guard/forward Kyndall Davis has been playing basketball for 15 years. (File)

Junior guard/forward Kyndall Davis answered some questions ranging from if he has played any other sports to French toast or waffles?


Q: How has the season been going so far? 

A: “I feel like the season is going okay. Even though we are going through some struggles right now, like some growing pains, I feel like it’s necessary for us to learn the things we need to fix. So I feel like everything that we went through, like our struggles right now, are necessary for us to make the corrections that we need to so we can win.” 

Q: How long have you been playing basketball? 

A: “I’ve been playing organized basketball since I was about 6. So that’s 15 years. Yeah. 15 years is crazy.” 

Q: What’s your favorite basketball team? 

A: “I don’t have a favorite team; I just like watching basketball.” 

Q: Favorite meal before a game? 

A: “I like to eat pasta before the game. So probably any type of pasta like chicken Alfredo or shrimp Alfredo.” 

Q: Post-game meal? 

A: “I like soul food after the game. Well, you know, I don’t cook it but it’s good. Like, if I’m able to have soul food after a game, I would 10 times out of 10 eat that after a game.” 

Q: Who inspires you to play? 

A: “So, I started playing basketball because my older cousin played basketball. My dad used to have me in the gym with my uncle and my older cousin and that’s really how it started. So, I started going with my uncle every day, and he just took me to his workouts. So, I was always around basketball. One day I picked it up, and I just ran with it.” 

Q: What basketball player do you look up to the most? 

A: “Recently, I’ve been looking up to Paul George, and Kobe [Bryant]. Never forget Kobe [Bryant].” 

Q: Favorite basketball movie? 

A: “’Love & Basketball.’” 

Q: Have you tried any other sports? 

A: “I played football till about like eighth grade, but me and my uncle had a talk. He was like, ‘Okay, so you’re about to go to high school. It’s time for you to pick a sport to focus on.’ So, I was like, ‘I don’t really like getting hit.’ When you get hit and its cold outside, contact feels way worse. So, I was just like, ‘I’m playing basketball.’” 

Q: What position did you play? 

A: “Running back, quarterback, wide receiver and linebacker.” 

Q: Do you think you could pick up a football now? 

A: “Absolutely not.” 

Q: Favorite snack before a game? 

A: “Welch’s tropical fruit snacks.” 

Q: Do you like to cook? 

A: “I have to feel like it. Like if I cook, I would have to be in a cooking mood.” 

Q: What do you like to cook? 

A: “I can make breakfast, like traditional breakfast. We can go, pancakes, eggs, any protein, hash browns, breakfast potatoes. I got that.” 

Q: Do you have any superstitions before a game? 

A: “Yes, I have to ask my grandma what color shoes she wants me to wear.” 

Q: How many shoes do you have? 

A: “I have a couple, like I have enough to put them in rotation.” 

Q: Favorite sport other than basketball? 

A: “I’m getting interested in soccer. Like I was watching the World Cup, and I really found soccer very interesting.” 

Q: What are your goals for the season? 

A: “I want to make the [OVC] conference tournament, as a team goal. And I feel like I just want to win. That’s it. Once we win, I feel like individual stuff will come for everybody. So winning is the most important thing right now.” 

Q: Which teammate would you let get the aux? 

A: “There’s a couple that can get it. Sincere Malone, Jaylin Gibson and Nakyel Shelton.” 

Q: How are you balancing being a student athlete? 

A: “Well, they do a great job here. They gave me a tutor, so my tutor, Ella, helps me knock out all my work early in the week. So then later on in the week, I could just focus on basketball.” 

Q: Favorite season? 

A: “Fall. I like wearing hoodies.” 

Q: Ice Mountain or purified water? 

A: “Ice Mountain, but I actually like alkaline water.” 

Q: Who do you think is the greatest of all time in basketball? 

A: “I’m not gonna say Michael Jordan because I never got to see him play. Kobe [Bryant] is my vote because I grew up watching [him]. Now, I feel like the younger generation will [pick] LeBron [James] because that’s what they know.” 

Q: French toast or waffles? 

A: “French toast is good but like a nice fluffy waffle with strawberries, whipped cream and powdered sugar, then yeah I’m taking the waffle.” 

Q: Favorite memory of the team? 

A: “We’ve made so many memories like every day. When we went to Kansas, that was a pretty cool experience. That’s probably something that I never really forget.” 

Q: What would you tell your younger self? 

A: “I feel like the younger me would be very proud of the person I am today. So, I just feel like just staying focused, and don’t try to rush the process. Just take your time on everything. Go to God first about any important decision you need to make.” 


Payton Liggins can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].

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