Adventure of the Week: World’s Largest!



World’s largest functioning rocking chair

Adriana Hernandez-Santana, Editor-in-Chief

For this Adventure of the week, I’m going to do it a little different.

Something eye-catching, something unique, something nobody has ever done before…

…Okay, so many all the aunties and grandmas of the world have done this, but I’m yet to do it so it’s still brand new to me!

This week, I went to Casey to check out all the “big ticket items” for a “small price.”

(Hint: it’s free!)

First, I had to see what all the fuzz was about. People kept mentioning something about a giant rocking chair, but I thought it was all a bluff. Well, let me tell y’all that I definitely ate my words. This functioning rocking chair holds a world record, standing at 52 feet tall and 31 feet wide. This thing was a monster!

Right across the street from the massive chair was the largest windchime in the world. It was too windy today to be able to ding it myself, but tourists love to come in and ring the chimes to signify their arrival to Casey. This was slightly smaller than the chair, clocking in at around 42 feet tall.

World’s Largest Windchimes


Afterwards, it was time to check out some of the shops. The first one I went into was selling a bunch of postcards with all the cool “big” items as the image. I found it funny that someone would make a pair of the world’s largest wooden shoes. In the midst of wondering who would wear a size that large, I turned around to see the shoes right behind me! So it seemed fitting to have taken a photo with it’s very own postcard. While this shoe may look big, the weight is so much more than you can image. Clocking in at around 1,500 lbs per shoe, these shoes are definitely not made for walking!

World’s largest wooden shoes

I will say, the idea of having post cards is super clever when tourists realize that they can actually mail their letters in the world’s largest mailbox! You can climb up and stand inside. But you can also deliver letter! And when you do, there is a mechanism that actually makes the red flag go up, indicating that you letter is ready to be picked up! This mailbox is around 5,700 feet tall, which is crazy!

World’s Largest Mailbox

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of Adventure of the Week. Check in next week to see where I go next, and what new places I learn about!

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