Adventure of the Week- Lake Charleston


Adriana H

Lake Charleston

Adriana Hernandez-Santana, Editor-in-Chief

Considering the fact that I have been traveling pretty far out for my adventures of the week recently, I decided that this week, I would stay more local to the Charleston area.

Hey, I’m just saying that gas isn’t cheap! 

So where exactly would I go that would be fitting for this week’s adventure? 

Lake Charleston of course!

For many of the locals, you all know the path and have the secret spots memorized. 

For everyone else, (including me), there are a ton of secret little hiding spots that really make this place special. 

Without further ado, I present to you, Lake Charleston. 

The lake itself is super pretty. It covers approximately 330 acres of land, and has an average depth of around 5.7 feet, with the deepest portion clocking in at around 12 feet deep. 

This is a lake, so obviously there’s fishing happening in the area. Boating is also allowed as well! There’s even a little lock system where you can rent out kayaks and spend the day out on the water.

Considering that there was a potential storm coming into the area, I decided to not venture into the water today, for fear that a big ripple would come and flip me over. 

Maybe another day though…

Lake Charleston and the fishing dock

But on this day, it was time to hike and longboard!

In hindsight, I should have thought about this a little bit more due to the fact that my longboard is actually pretty dense. I’m not saying it’s too dense to the point where I cannot carry it, but more on the fact that it is pretty bulky and somewhat awkward to carry, especially when you plan to hike a three-mile long trail.

But did that stop me? Not in the slightest, because I wanted to be the cool, mysterious skater girl. 

Definitely a mistake but I’ll worry about that later. 

For the first part of the trail, you walk by a playground and get to see a side of the river flowing down a dam and into the wildlife. Not only that, but on a good day, you can see geese, swans, and even some deer!

Fun fact, did you know that any path that was not created with “human hiking intentions,” (i.e. created by animals walking through the area), is actually called a deer run?

Nature tips!

Anyways, I longboarded on the first mile long stretch and had a lovely little cruise. It was easy just to glide around there and be at a comfortable pace without the fear of running into someone or landing in the water. 

Here is where I regret my decision.

Gazebo beside Lake Charleston (adriana)

I had to then walk all these crazy steep and wobbly trails while a giant longboard occupied my hands, and a pair of hi-top vans with absolutely no grip on them. It makes for good photos though!

I am not going to say that this was horrible, but I would not recommend my methods of madness to anyone. 

But here is the plus side. 

Despite all these high climbs and rocky pathways, I got to see some amazing views. There is one spot when you hit about two miles that showcases the true beauty of the lake. 

Is it super high? Yes, I guarantee that if you fall off you are pretty much done for. 

But high risk has high reward, and boy oh boy, I was rewarded. 

I could see it all. The lake, the distance I walked, people following my footsteps, everything.

For people who are new to the Charleston area and need something to do this summer, I highly recommend checking out Lake Charleston. It’s a great way to get some exercise, see the nature sights, and get an idea of what it means to be a member of the Charleston community. 

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of Adventure of the Week. Check in next week to see where I go next, and what new places I learn about!

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