EDITORIAL: There needs to be a change


Rob Le Cates

Students walk from Andrews Hall to Old Main Saturday afternoon. The students walked in protest of Tyre Nichols, a Black man who was killed by five members of the Memphis, Tenn. at a traffic stop.

Editorial Board

Another police brutality has affected the Black community, once again.

Tyre Nichols was killed by police officers on Jan. 7 and died Jan. 10. Tragedies like these are happening too often, but you don’t need us to tell you.

Each new innocent death highlights a pressing need for systemic change.

While it is necessary for police officials to dismiss and fire power-abusing officers and political office positions as commissioners, this is only the bare minimum for the gigantic problem.

It might “fix” the problem for a second, but you cannot expect every person in law enforcement to follow orders and do their job without abusing power.

It is clear that firing officers does not fix the police brutality because if it did, we wouldn’t have as many deaths and misconduct cases as we do now.

What is needed is a change at the root of the system; total departmental reform.

More in-depth background checks need to be done.

Having psychological screenings done can give employers a better insight into the person they are hiring.

These types of screenings cannot be prepped for and are genuine thoughts from people that are trying to become officers.

Psychologists are working to have selection processes that do not include some sort of bias, according to apa.org.

More trainings on these officers must be done as well.

Five officers beat Nichols and none of them had any second thoughts to stop beating the man, and as of right now, it is unclear why they began beating Nichols in the first place.

This is unacceptable.

If officers were to have proper, restrictive training, we would not have to burden the grief of lives across America are lost.

Defunding the police is another option to stop these unnecessary and violent acts from happening.

They do not need all of the resources that they currently have and can be used in other places such as youth homes, public safety, and just to benefit the community in general.

Defunding can do a lot for small communities since they would be able to utilize the changes made.

Bigger cities would take a little more work, but nonetheless, it would benefit everyone eventually.

Ultimately, police officers have individuals in that position who thrive on the amount of power they are granted.

They do not care about helping the public or the community- it is a power play to them.

We need to stop hiring individuals who think this way, and we need to stop giving so much power to police officers.

The five officers who attacked Nichols were a part of an “elite” squad where they got to do a lot of things no one should be allowed to do.

Reformation is not a choice anymore, it has to happen or nothing will change.


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