EDITORIAL: Believe scientists about science issues

Editorial Board

Typically, science is a field of fact and researched studies, but it has increasingly become a topic of debate. The thing is- there is nothing to debate. 

COVID-19 and women’s health has specifically emerged in the spotlight.  

During the infamous period of the pandemic, people really thought the qualifications of being a medical professional was having a Facebook account.  

Misinformation was spread like wildfires in California during the ever-real crisis of global warming, (another thing people are not trusting scientists on), and the problem is- people believed it.  

People would rather listen to some political candidate talk about people’s freedoms are being squashed due to a piece of fabric covering their mouths. 

News flash- you do not have many freedoms when you die of deadly respiratory infection killing millions across the world and you are eight feet under.  

So obviously, it is the medical professional’s fault for wanting people to stay healthy by following a few simple steps.  

Apparently wearing a mask, washing your hands, and not traveling to unnecessary places is taking away a person’s freedom.  

Speaking of taking away people’s rights… how about that Roe V. Wade being overturned? 

You know taking control of a person’s reproductive rights? Not having control of their own autonomy?  

Crazy how people really thought COVID-19 precautions were suppressing people’s rights.  

How can we truly be “the land of the free” when we have a governing body (mostly of men mind you) choosing what a person with a uterus can and cannot do with their own body. 

Having a child is a long, expensive, and emotionally/physically draining process. A child abused at 12 is unable to carry another child. 

Not to mention, their body is physically not mature enough to carry and give birth. 

So, when will we stop choosing society’s own opinions and start listening to the professionally trained people who are giving researched facts? 

When will we leave it to people with uteruses to make their own informed decisions based on the science of their body and life to choose if they want give birth? 

When do we believe medical professionals when they say that there is a deadly virus, and we all need to protect ourselves and others? 

We at The News believe science.  

We see the need for research and professionally proved facts to learn about the world around us. 

When professional health organizations and medical public figures told the world to mask up to protect ourselves, we did. 

We know it is the person’s right to choose what they want to do with their body when it comes to reproductive rights. 

Politicians are not scientists.  

We at The News see the empowered women and their supporters fighting to keep the right to their own decisions for their bodily autonomy. 

So next time an educated, professionally trained scientist/medical professional tells you a researched fact/statement… let us believe them over the person who reposts fake information on Facebook.  


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