CAA approves electrical engineering program revision


Ronnie Koscuik

CAA approved a proposal for a revision in the electrical engineering program that was tabled during their meeting on Sept. 22 due to multiple revisions needed in the proposal. On Thursday, the proposal was approved after the requested changes were made.

Cam'ron Hardy, Campus Events Junior Editor

Editor’s Note: CAA did not reach a quorum at this meeting. Therefore, all voted and motioned items listed in this article is know void.

The Council of Academic Affairs unanimously approved a revision to the electrical engineering program at Eastern Thursday afternoon.

The revision included the course EEN-4275, Internship in Electrical Engineering, being changed from a core required course to an elective course in the program.

The course provides an opportunity for students to gain experience in the engineering field. The course is worth from one to two credit hours, while three to four credit hours are required for electives in the program.

At CAA’s next meeting, CAA will vote on a new political science course, a revised political science major program, two revised political science major option programs and a revised political science minor program.

The new political science course, which will be proposed at the next meeting, is PLS-1500 Political Science Forum.

The two revised political science major option programs being proposed are for the options of political science: civic and nonprofit leadership and political science: international studies.

CAA meets at 2 p.m. weekly on Thursdays in the Witters Conference Room in Booth Library.


Madelyn Kidd contributed to this article.

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