CAA fails to reach quorum last week, voids voted items


Ronnie Kosciuk

Eastern’s Council of Academic Affairs Chair Marita Gronnvoll speaks during the meeting on Sept. 22 in the Witters Conference Room in Booth Library.

Madelyn Kidd, News Editor

The Council of Academic Affairs voted on and approved a program revision at last week’s meeting, but did not meet quorum, making the approval a violations of CAA’s bylaws.

This leaves the program revision needing to be officially approved within CAA’s bylaws at today’s meeting.

CAA is required in its bylaws to have an official meeting by having a quorum when at least six voting members are present for the meeting.

This leaves last week’s meeting as an unofficial meeting.

Marita Gronnvoll, the chairperson of CAA and professor of communication, enacted CAA’s bylaw VII.A.4.d.(6) to be able to officially add the five agenda items for today’s meeting. This is due to last meeting’s motion to add the agenda items being inexplicable due to not meeting quorum.

CAA bylaw VII.A.4.d.(6) states:

“In order to be placed on the agenda, a proposal must be moved and seconded by a member of the Council. The agenda item is then published in the minutes of the Council and is voted upon in a subsequent meeting. Alternatively, in the event a meeting is cancelled, the Chairperson of the Council may place a proposal on the agenda for a future meeting. The agenda item is then to be published with the notice of the meeting cancellation and can be voted on at a subsequent meeting.”

At today’s CAA meeting at 2 p.m. the council will vote on the program revision again, if they meet quorum, along with the five agenda items added by Gronnvoll.


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