Games at Booth Library, information meeting for new students


Ashanti Thomas

Arvind Kumar Bhongiri, a graduate student in computer technology, and Vishal Kadamanda, also a computer technology graduate student, try not to let the blocks fall while playing Jenga at Resident Hall Night in Booth Library on Wednesday.

Drew Coffey, Campus Reporter

A Resident Hall Night for students was held at Booth Library on Wednesday night with games and information about the library.

The event provided students with snacks, bingo, puzzles and board games, a movie, as well as an informational tour of the library.  

First Year Experience Student Success Librarian Amy Odwarka was one of the library faculty helping with the event.  

“One of the goals of the event tonight is to get new students either first year or transfer students to have an introduction to the library,” Odwarka said. “The event also introduced students to things that are happening here and start to get a sense of space.” 

Odwarka also said that the Resident Hall Event is a good way to meet new people while establishing the library as a place of peace.  

“It’s like a mixer where you can come with your friends and roommates,” Odwarka said. “Sometimes I think people come to the library very overwhelmed, and we just want people to see that it can be a comfortable place where you can also just hang out.”  

Odwarka said that later events at Booth Library will add new activities such as scavenger hunts while keeping the same ones from the first night.  

Senior physics education major Nathan Logan had only one activity in mind when arriving at Booth Library.  

“Bingo, definitely bingo,” Logan said.” Freshman year I won a cardboard cutout of Zac Efron, so I try to win bingo prizes whenever I can.”  

“I can see myself coming back, and it’s a good way to just hang out at this time,” Logan said.  

Braden Bigard, a junior history education major, said that he was glad that he attended the event.  

“I had nothing to do and wanted to meet new people to have a good time,” Bigard said.  

Bigard said that he tries to get involved in any events happening on campus.  

Freshman Stacey Zerbst came to Resident Hall Night after hearing about it from friends and likes to meet new Eastern students as well.  

“One of the clubs I am joining recommended that I go to the event,” Zerbst said. “It’s interesting to meet people from many different places with a variety of hobbies.”  

Another Resident Hall Night at Booth Library will be held on Sept. 22 from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


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