Glassman, Gamboa respond to hate speech flyers found on campus: ‘Leave our campus out of this’


Corryn Brock, Editor-in-Chief

Bags of flyers with pro-Ku Klux Klan messaging and rocks were found around Greek Court and University Court Wednesday afternoon.

The flyers read, “You have been paid another social visit by the Old Glory Knights of the Ku Klux Klan we have a dark history here and because of you a bright future!”

Along with the claim that those who dropped the flyers are affiliated with the KKK, an insignia further connecting the flyers to the hate group is prominently displayed.

The flyers have claims that the KKK is “back again and here to stay” and that “race traitors,” multiracial people, communists, LGBTQ+ people and “all other walks of Godless degeneracy” should be warned that they should “make amends or stay away.”

This is the second incident of its kind this semester.

Bags of flyers with antisemitic rhetoric and rocks were dropped around Eastern’s campus in March.

In February 2020, bags with rocks and posters that read “White Power, Get Some!” with images of swastikas were found around campus shortly before spring break. At that time police were searching for a white van in connection to the incident.

Students on Snapchat have claimed that a white van was seen dropping the flyers found Wednesday.

University Police Department Chief Marisol Gamboa said her department is doing everything it can to combat the flyers, including contacting the State’s Attorney’s Office, the FBI and making plans to ban the individuals involved from Eastern’s campus.

“We’re taking a firm stance on this,” Gamboa said. “We do not tolerate racism, prejudice or any type of bigotry on our campus.”

University President David Glassman said he believes the individuals who are connected to the incident target Eastern because of what the university represents.

“It’s extremely frustrating that they continue to target universities and one of the reasons they do that is that they know universities are a special type of environment that promotes dignity and tolerance —and embraces inclusion and it just drives them crazy to do that,” Glassman said. “So, they need to do anything that they can think of anything possible to try and disrupt it. And I just will not allow it.”

Glassman and Gamboa said they want students who are in the groups mentioned in the flyers to know they stand behind them.

“We are doing everything that we can to keep them safe and welcomed at our institution and to keep the fight going,” Glassman said. “Don’t allow them to disrupt the environment that we create here on our campus, because that’s all they’re trying to do is they’re trying to disrupt harmony.”

And to those connected to the incident, Glassman says, “Leave us alone. Leave our campus out of this.”


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