Bags containing rocks, hate messages found around campus


Corryn Brock

Antisemitic propaganda was found on in bags with rocks Eastern campus the week of March 2. The content on the fliers also include homophobic, transphobic and racist messaging.

Corryn Brock, Editor-in-Chief

Antisemitic, racist and homophobic fliers were dropped throughout Eastern’s campus early this week, with some bags still being found as late as Wednesday afternoon.

The fliers, many of which used antisemitic stereotypes, were found in plastic bags with rocks and contained links to antisemitic propaganda websites.

This is not the first time messages of its kind were found, however.

In February 2020, bags with rocks and posters that read “White Power, Get Some!” with images of swastikas were found around campus shortly before spring break.

At the time, University Police Department officers said they had reason to believe the person or people dropping the bags were in a white van. Similarly, in July 2020 police were searching for a white Dodge Caravan in connection with bags containing equivalent messaging being dropped throughout Charleston.

As he did in 2020, University President David Glassman released a statement Wednesday condemning the fliers.

“It goes without saying that such materials have no place on our campus or in society, as they categorically contradict the university’s deep commitments to diversity and inclusivity. EIU unconditionally condemns the hatred, propaganda, and—quite frankly— profound ignorance these materials espouse,” an email from Glassman to the campus community read. “Along those lines, EIU’s administration remains unapologetically proud of the work EIU and its students and employees do every day to develop responsible citizens and leaders committed to fairness, equity, and opportunity for all.”

Student Body President Jacqueline Williams denounced the fliers, saying “EIU is a place where all students of any diversity, any religion, any sexual orientation, sexual preference are welcome.”

UPD Chief Marisol Gamboa said those who find hateful materials of that nature now or in the future should call 581-3212 to report it.

Glassman’s email further denounced the fliers and said university leaders will work to combat the ideas in the messaging.

“EIU leaders will continue to work alongside all members of our campus and community to confront these challenges and to foster a true sense of belonging for all. Hatred and bigotry will never be given safe harbor at EIU,” Glassman’s email read.

Madelyn Kidd contributed to this article.

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