White Power posters found at Eastern

Investigation starting on racist flyers left around campus, many at Greek Court

Staff Report

Plastic bags containing rocks and posters that read “White Power, Get Some!” with images of swastikas were found littered across campus Wednesday where they were left lying for students and staff to find.

A large number of the bags were found near Eastern’s Greek Court. Police told one of the people who found a bag that they had 10 to 15 of the bags already in police custody, and they have reason to believe they are searching for a white van.

Police told this person, who wished to remain anonymous, that if anyone sees a similar vehicle to take a picture of the license plate and call the police department.

The same posters in plastic bags with rocks were scattered throughout yards in Charleston in July, as reported by the Journal-Gazette/Times-Courier. During that incident police were looking for a white Dodge Caravan.

The Daily Eastern News will update this story as more information becomes available.

Eastern President David Glassman condemned the racist flyers in an email he sent to students on Wednesday evening.

In the email, Glassman says: “Earlier today, EIU was made aware of offensive materials left around campus espousing white supremacy and promoting its affiliate organizations. As President of EIU, I intensely condemn these materials of hatred and propaganda. These materials have no place on our campus, and wholly contradict the university’s commitments to its core values of diversity, inclusivity and equity.”

Glassman urged anyone with more information on the white power posters to contact the University Police Department at 581-3213.

The news staff can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].