EDITORIAL: Find your Betsy Jewell and thank her


Editorial Staff

In a world built for men, strong female role models are in high demand. And lucky for Eastern, there is no shortage of women worthy of being looked up to on this campus.

In this issue, we highlighted women from all walks of life in an attempt to show the variety of women who make up Eastern’s female population.

Women like Shawn Peoples, Anne Flaherty, Jasmine Yusef, Marisol Gamboa, Tanya Willard, Joyce Madigan and Kelly Miller show us the positive changes that can be made with women in positions of power.

In the sports arena, we see women like Megan Burton, Sara Thomas and Tara Archibald showcase the strength of female athletes.

Women of color find a voice in organizations led and advised by women like Kyara Morales-Rodriguez, Alexandra Tinajero, Quin Hoover and Yolanda Williams.

On a similar note we see women like Jeannie Ludlow and Marjorie Worthington giving a voice to women’s issues.

Even those who often find themselves in the background play an essential role and keep our campus running with their work on a daily basis. Beth Heldebrandt, Sheila Simons, Judy Gorrell and Laura McLaughlin are all perfect examples of women who do not get enough credit for the work they do.

Another example, and one that is very near and dear to us, is Betsy Jewell, our business manager. Betsy keeps our paper going with her dedication to the Daily Eastern News and her love and support for us.

We cannot thank her enough for all she does for us.

And it makes us think, how many Betsy Jewells are at Eastern that we have yet to learn about? How many women go unnoticed in their positions and do not receive the recognition they deserve?

For the remainder of the month, we at the Daily Eastern News encourage everyone at Eastern to find their Betsy and thank her for her work. Whether it be a BSW you see cleaning a classroom, an office manager keeping a department running smoothly or a member of the kitchen staff in the dining halls, women can be found all around Eastern’s campus who deserve more praise than they receive.

Pay them a compliment, offer them a helping hand or spread the word about the work they do, but whatever you do, don’t let them go unnoticed.