Editorial Board

We at The Daily Eastern News believe that Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the United States must be reformed. 

In 2020, there was a report released by the committee of Homeland Security on the conditions of ICE detention facilities, summing up that they have failed to meet basic standards of care. 

In the report it stated, “Unfortunately, ICE appears to prioritize obtaining bed space over the wellbeing of detainees in its custody.” 

It went on to detail, “ICE detainees frequently face deficient medical, dental, and mental health care; 3. Detention facilities often misuse and abuse segregation; and 4. Detainees face challenges accessing legal services, case information, and interpreter/translation services.”

Immigrants, illegal or not, should not be undergoing such conditions in a country where it can take years to get access to citizenship status and visas.

Immigrants should not live in fear of being taken in and questioned about their status, especially if they have made a living here in the United States.

They should not live in fear of being torn apart from their families as they just came here for a better life for them.

There are multiple alternatives to ICE, including legal services, social service provision and other community-based programs.

ICE should not be replaced with more militarized enforcement. Our immigration policy can and should be grounded in human rights. It should build upon things we know can make safe, healthy, communities. These resources can be distributed and can help everyone thrive, not tear loved ones apart.