EDITORIAL: Choose morals over money


Corryn Brock

(From left to right) Johnetta Jones, Kevin Duckworth, Ona Norton, Charles Hall and Zella Powell

Editorial Board

The Naming Committee will meet Thursday and is anticipating a list of names to consider from University President David Glassman. While we do not know what this list of names will consist of, we know most any name will be a better fit for Eastern than Douglas Hall.

Stephen Douglas was a bad person with bad ideals. He did not believe in equality between different races of people and he certainly would not be “committed to diversity and inclusion,” a value held so dearly by Eastern that is included in the university’s mission statement.

With so many names to choose from, we at The Daily Eastern News are looking forward to seeing what the naming committee will be given to consider, as well as what they will recommend to Glassman in return.

With that being said, we would like to once again recommend the names of five individuals who represent values that Eastern and its campus community can be proud of; Zella Powell, Charles Hall, Ona Norton, Kevin Duckworth and Johnetta Jones.

Each one of those individuals represents a strength of character that students can and should look up to, has a strong connection to Eastern and would show the world who and what Eastern values.

As mentioned in the last Naming Committee meeting, there is always an option to rename the hall after a rich alum (if any of them still think about Eastern enough to donate the amount of money it would take to buy a building name), but that should not be an option. The university’s integrity should not be up for sale.

While a million dollars might be nice in the short term, that money will not last forever. What will last is the name of an individual who students, faculty and staff can all look to and admire.

We hope the as the committee moves through this next step in the naming process, they see that there is more value in naming a building after someone truly worthy of naming honors than in whatever size check the highest bidder writes.