EDITORIAL: We need to use more clean energy


Editorial Board

Fossil fuels — coal, oil and gas — are finite. These energy sources we depend on for electricity, transportation and everything else we need to have an easier quality of life will eventually run out.

These nonrenewable energy sources are also horrible for the environment, releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. With a growing demand for energy, global consumption of nonrenewable energy sources continues to increase, which is rapidly endangering our future.

We need to stop depending on fossil fuels and start looking at renewable energy sources as solutions, sources such as wind energy.

Wind energy is a great source of renewable energy, because it does not contaminate, is inexhaustible and using it reduces the use of fossil fuels.

Wind energy may come with some disadvantages, including fluctuations in the wind’s strength and direction and the impact of wind turbines on local wildlife. Some people even argue against wind turbines by saying that they do not like the sound or look of wind turbines.

But these disadvantages do not outweigh the fact that if we do not act fast, we risk being unable to mitigate climate change. The odds look a lot better with renewable sources, and it is worth finding ways to make those sources work rather than continue using fossil fuels until they run out.

We do not have the time to think about the pros and cons of renewable energy sources. With our finite energy sources rapidly depleting, we need to start taking steps to ensure we have a clean, habitable earth.