EDITORIAL: Our condolences to the friends, family of Jason Aguilar

EDITORIAL: Our condolences to the friends, family of Jason Aguilar

Editorial Board

We at The Daily Eastern News would like to offer our sincerest condolences to the family, friends and teammates of Jason Aguilar.

Sunday night, as our staff sat down to find information about Jason, we found a bright, caring young man whose impact we can only imagine. His friends shared memories of Jason and how kind of a person he was.

They told us of his constant support and cheerleading for his teammates and how seriously he took his position on Eastern’s track team.

We learned about how many people knew and loved Jason. How much he cared for them and how much they cared for him.

On his social media, we saw how active he was in social justice movements and fighting for causes of equality. It was clear to us how important those movements were to him.

We also were able to see how funny Jason was with tweets he shared, as well as how seriously he took his sport.

With any death, and especially with the death of a young person like Jason, there is never a right time for it.

There will never be a good time to lose someone you hold so close to your heart.

However, there is never a bad time to celebrate the lives of the loved ones we have lost.

Going forward, there will be many opportunities to celebrate Jason and the ways he touched the lives of those around him.

For his teammates, when you win a race, remember how he would have been cheering you on. Or perhaps how he would cheer you up after a loss.

For his friends, remember his love for you and how he wished for your success on every level. Honor his memory by working hard and succeeding in all of the ways he would have wanted you to.

For his family, we wish we had the right words to make any part of this feel better. We thank you for making a man who left such a big impact on those around him. Though the hole he leaves behind in the lives of everyone who knew him is big, we know that such a hole can only be made when someone is as loved as Jason was.

The road of mourning that is ahead will not be easy. It will hurt.

However, in these times, lean on one another for support. Find healing in each other.

While it is easy to focus on the loss you are experiencing, remember how much you have gained by knowing Jason.