EDITORIAL: Welcome back Alumni


Editorial Board

We at The Daily Eastern News welcome the alumni visiting Eastern campus this homecoming week!

The class of 1970 and 1971 will be specifically celebrated in their 50th class reunion at Eastern Illinois University by the Livingston C. Lord Society, which was established to honor members who return to campus for their class reunion and will receive their Lord Society Pins.

Along with receiving their pins, it is definitely worth checking out how campus has changed over the many years they have been away.

We’ve had more diversity with the homecoming court these past years. Though in 1974 there was an attempt to crown the first black homecoming queen, Diane Williams, who had received the highest number of votes, there was protest that was racially motivated and she was disqualified. Now we have a homecoming queen, homecoming king, and homecoming princess that are people of color. Score.

Carmen hall that was formerly used for freshman housing is now disused due to it being very unsafe on the inside after multiple flooding incidents. Now it is this lonely tall building next to textbook rental services on the edge of campus.

One thing that has stuck around since 1970 is the cultural center, helping students on Eastern Illinois University’s campus, especially transfer students connect with their culture. Many use it for meditation and relaxation. One change to it though is modifications that have been made such as restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic such as reservation times.

We hope that the alumni have fun while they are back on campus, perhaps sharing their past experiences with current students!