COLUMN: John Mulaney’s real life ‘could be a nursery’


Maya Kurth, Columnist

I absolutely adore John Mulaney. That man can do almost no wrong in my eyes. However, recently Mulaney’s life has taken a lot of unexpected turns that as a fan, I am confused by. I would like to stress the fact that his choices are not mine, and I am merely stating my opinion based on my limited outside knowledge.

I was not surprised when I initially heard that John Mulaney went to rehab for one month for substance abuse. He talked openly about his issues in the past, and I know that quarantine was hard for everyone, no matter what you were going through. 

Upon hearing that most of his friends had to stage an intervention and send him back to rehab for a two-month stint, I was very concerned and confused as he had just gotten out. However, I understand that not everyone takes to rehab the first time and doesn’t have a 100 percent success rate. 

I was and am a really big fan of Anna Marie Tendler and her work. I was floored when I heard that she was getting a divorce from John, and initially, I was under the impression that she got the ball rolling. I was wrong. Mulaney initiated the separation and was spotted shortly after the divorce with Olivia Munn.

I do not know much about Munn, but personally, I don’t particularly care for her based on her actions in the past, namely when she shamed women based on their weight.

I was surprised to see that Mulaney had moved on so quickly after being so outwardly in love with Tendler. Although, you never know what happens behind closed doors.

However, Munn and Mulaney had been connected in the past. After going to a party together, Munn emailed Mulaney and asked to spend time together, though she was never answered. This was really confusing to me, but not something I’d really choose to speculate about, nor do I know if it even played a part in their relationship. 

The most confusing part of the relationship for me is that Munn and Mulaney are expecting a child. Anyone who has seen one of Mulaney’s specials knows how proudly child-free he was. I am happy for him and know that no one makes the decision to have a child without a lot of forethought. As someone who is very open about being nervous, Mulaney has talked about not making light decisions without going through every possible outcome.   

Making many big life choices over a short period of time can be very hard no matter what the situation. Overall, I am happy for John Mulaney and Olivia Munn, and I wish the best for Anna-Marie Tendler.

Maya Kurth is a sophomore Public Relations major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].