EDITORIAL: Celebrate and honor Latino culture


Editorial Board

National Latin Heritage Month began Wednesday, kicking off a month for recognizing and celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of the Latinx community.   

Latin Heritage Month began as Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968 under President Lyndon B. Johnson.  

Nearly 20 years later, Hispanic Heritage Week was lengthened to an entire month under President Ronald Reagan to recognize the achievements of Latin Americans.  

In the inaugural proclamation, he wrote that perhaps the Latin American community’s “most notable gift is their testimony about the power of the American dream to inspire miracles. The accomplishments of Hispanic Americans through the years remind all of us that in America we are blessed with the freedom to live, work, and worship in peace and to build a better life for ourselves and our children.” 

The Latinx community is a fundamental part of American history, and during this time, it is important to remember the hard work they have done to make the United States the country it is today.  

While celebrating Latinx culture this month, remember to recognize the struggles the Latinx community has faced and continues to face to this day.  

We at the Daily Eastern News believe this month would be a good opportunity to learn about all the wonderful cultures that exist under the umbrella term “Latinx” and support Latinx causes and Latinx-owned small businesses.