Take the COVID-19 case spike seriously


Editorial Board

As Coles County COVID-19 cases see a spike, it is important to remember the pandemic is not over yet.

Life is definitely moving towards normalcy but that does not mean that we should be letting our guard down.

That means get vaccinated.

Wear your mask when you’re in a necessary situation.

Wash your hands.

This pandemic will not end so long as people continue to be self-centered and not care about those around them and do what you can to protect others.

Two more people in Coles County just lost their lives as case numbers continue to rise but vaccine rates remain low.

That leaves us to wonder when this pandemic is going to stop being political to some and start being logical.

The World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control are not out to get out. The Coles County Health department surely is not a part of some government project to put a tracker in your arm or kill you.

And when you start thinking logically and rationally and put down the conspiracy theories running wild on your Facebook timeline, it is a lot easier to see the bigger picture.

Let’s put an end to this pandemic so we can go back to “pre-COVID” times and start fully enjoying life again.