Welcome to The News

Editorial Board

Welcome to The Daily Eastern News, Eastern’s student newspaper.

The News covers a variety of things on and around Eastern’s campus and you will likely see us out and about throughout the semester.

As Eastern begins its path to normalcy, you’ll be seeing us do just the opposite.

This year we will launch a redesigned website (which you may be reading this on or can visit www.dailyeasternnews.com to view), slowly redesigning our physical paper and working more towards creating visual content for our readers and viewers.

Beyond sharing the exciting news of our plans for this year, we also want to remind our readers, new and old, about the opportunities that you can participate in.

For starters, this student newspaper is open to anyone of any major.

We would love to see your talents and find a way to incorporate it into the work we do.

We also would like to encourage people to reach out to us whether that be with a concern, an idea or just to ask questions about what we do here.

If you are interested in doing so please stop by our newsroom in room 1811 in Buzzard Hall or give us a call at 581-2812.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that while we may treat this like a real job (and many of us will spend eight or more hours in our newsroom a day), we are all still students learning new things with each day.

We are going to make mistakes. But we are going to address them, correct them, and move forward as better journalists because of it.

Not everything we produce will be something you want to read or view but everything has a journalistic value that we will be glad to explain to anyone who asks.

We want to learn and improve, however, we need our readers to reach out so we can better understand where we need to improve.

Most importantly though, we are all just students ready to start the new school year strong and start producing content for the campus we care so deeply about.