Editorial: Saying thank you, goodbye to our retiring advisors

Staff Editorial

As we finish our last paper of the academic year, we are both relieved and saddened. 

This year has had many stressors due to the pandemic that while difficult to overcome were an experience we were lucky to have the support of our advisers for. However, we will unfortunately be losing two of our biggest supporters this year.

The April 30 edition of The Daily Eastern News is the last that will have Lola Burnham and Brian Poulter named as our advisers. 

These two individuals have spent an incredible amount of time working with student journalists and preparing them for their careers. They have worked hard over the years and their retirement is well-earned, but is still a major loss for our program.

Lola: We would like to thank you for always pushing us to get the tough stories and to stand our ground, as well for always standing up for us. You will never know how much your love and support for your students means to us and the many before us.

Poulter: Your fun behavior is always a joy to be around and your critiques always encourage us to do better in our photography. We plan to continue getting fours after your retirement and you should expect questions about the website long after you lock up your office.

This year has been one of the hardest any of us have faced. The reason we got through it was because of all of our student publication advisers pushing us as far as we can go. 

As we lose two of them to a life of luxury and peace away from a busy newsroom, we hope they know how much we appreciate them and their work.

We at The Daily Eastern News love you, thank you and congratulate you on your retirement.