Editorial: Student Gov. elections are open, so do not forget to vote

Staff Editorial

Elections for Student Government are open until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday.

All Eastern students should have received an email to their Outlook accounts with the link to vote, and we at The Daily Eastern News urge all students to vote.

The elections will be deciding who will be serving as a student senator for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.

We should not have to remind people to vote, but in the elections held last semester, only 6.8 percent of the student body bothered to vote for their peers in Student Government.

All students should want to participate in the voting process.

The Student Government represents the student body, but they cannot do that effectively if the student body seemingly does not care about their representation.

Student Government also approves RSO’s for students.

It is extremely easy to cast your vote for Student Government elections, which makes it even more disappointing that so few people did last time.

You do not have to arrange for an absentee ballot or drive to a polling place. Simply open your email and follow the link.

It takes about a minute to do and you can do it on your phone wherever you are.

A turnout of 6.8 percent is frankly pathetic and hopefully many more people will participate this time.

There is no good reason not to vote.