Editorial: Understand when you should be an active bystander

Staff Editorial

Being an active bystander is something that is essential, especially on a college campus.

Many times you will see things that make you question whether or not you need to speak up and say something. It’s something you can go back and forth on for forever, but nonetheless it is something that deserves that amount of thought.

It is important to know when you need to be the person involved, when you need others to help you speak out against something and when it is best to not say something.

Make sure when you are taking the time to say something it is something worthwhile.

An argument between a couple is an example of when it may be better to just continue on with your day. If the argument gets physical or starts to look like verbal abuse, it is time to step in.

The world is full of things you’ll have to give a lot of thought to but being an active bystander can be one of the most important.

We at The Daily Eastern News hope everyone takes the time to recognize when their help is need by others. Who knows, you may save a life.