Editorial: Just wear a mask, it is not that hard to do

Staff Editorial

There is still a pandemic going on.

It is ridiculous that we need to remind people of this, but it seems as if many people have forgotten that COVID-19 is still a serious problem.

Nevertheless, we at The Daily Eastern News want to remind everyone of this fact.

Two of our reporters were at the baseball games on Friday, and the lack of masks among the crowd was alarming.

It was not just parents or visiting fans who were maskless, but a frighteningly large number of Eastern students also were without proper face coverings.

It does not matter that you are outside. It does not even matter if you have been vaccinated. You still need to wear a mask and practice proper social distancing as the CDC has been recommending for many months.

It is so incredibly easy to wear as mask, and we should all be so accustomed to it by now that it should feel like second nature to wear one.

Masks don’t just protect you. They also protect everyone that you come in contact with.

There is simply no excuse for not knowing the basic facts about masks over a year into the pandemic.

If you are not wearing a mask, you are sending the message that you do not care about the health of those around you. It shows that you are selfish.

Please just cover your face and socially distance for a few more months. Make sure you get vaccinated as soon as you can.

The pandemic is nearing an end, and if people keep ignoring protocols, it may go on for longer than necessary.