Editorial: Enjoy the warmer weather in safe ways

Staff Editorial

As days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we want to encourage those in the Eastern community to get out and enjoy the beauty of spring. However, we also want to remind everyone we are still in a global pandemic.

The beautiful weather can be enjoyed much more when you know you are not putting others in danger with your actions.

That means you should still be wearing your mask, getting vaccinated and by all means not putting yourself in the middle of large crowds of people.

Spring Break is not happening for a reason. Unfortunately, far too many students are not responsible enough to stay at Eastern and not put themselves in the middle of a hotspot.

We at The Daily Eastern News understand that it is not ideal to be stuck on campus for the semester with no breaks, but right now it’s necessary.

We are all getting burnt out and not enjoying being stuck with what seems like no end in sight, however, this pandemic is bigger than all of us. You never know who will take it harder and who will ultimately pay for your reckless behavior this semester.

So please, try to remember why all of these guidelines and rules are in place: so we can look forward to better days.

It is not to kill your good times or make your life miserable, it is so we can all move forward as a society knowing that we are protected and safe.

Be responsible for the remainder of the semester, you never know whose life you could save.