Editorial: Shooting is a sad sign that we are returning to normal

Staff Editorial

Yet another mass shooting took place Wednesday in California, adding to a string of recent mass shooting in America.

It has been just over two weeks since eight were killed in a series of shooting at Atlanta spas, which was followed six days later by a shooting at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, that killed 10 people.

The Wednesday shooting in California happened at an office building left four people dead, including a child.

It would seem that as we get nearer to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic with more and more people being vaccinated every day, we are being reminded of another deadly pandemic that has been plaguing us.

According to the Gun Violence archive, there have been 119 mass shootings so far in 2021, including Wednesday’s California shooting.

There is not vaccine for the gun violence pandemic, but there are solutions.

Common sense gun laws like universal background checks and assault weapon bans are absolutely necessary in this country.

We at The Daily Eastern News know that measures like these will not completely stop mass shootings from happening, but anything that can be done to reduce the frequency of them must be done.