Editorial: Dive team shows value of emergency services

Staff Editorial

Tuesday afternoon members of the Lincoln Fire Protection Dive Team, Lincoln Fire Protection District, Charleston Fire Department and Charleston Police department were involved in rescuing a mother and daughter after the canoe the two were riding in capsized.

Without the assistance of all of the individuals involved there is no way to tell what would have happened. The two could have experienced more injuries or possibly even died.

However, because of the hard work of those teams both women experienced little harm and were able to walk away from the Lake Tuesday night.

We at The Daily Eastern News are entirely impressed and thankful for the brave men and women who spend their days helping others in need.

As a news organization we are not often in contact with these individuals, almost never under happy circumstances, but we know they are working to do good for the Eastern and Charleston communities.

The emergency works never cease to amaze us with what they are willing to do to save people in danger, and for that we thank them.

Consider doing the same.