Editorial: Student forum turnout pathetic

Staff Editorial

Less than 20 students attended the forum scheduled to allow students to share their thoughts on the possibility of changing the name of Douglas Hall.

That is less than one percent of students who attend Eastern. Less than one percent of students came to a forum that lasted less than an hour to continue a debate that is over a decade old.

How incredibly disheartening it is to see in that even in a time filled with activism and correcting the wrongs of our society’s past, not even one percent of students can show up to give their opinions on a debate our campus has been having for 10 years.

There is power in getting up and sharing your voice and your opinions with others. There is power in showing an interest in your campus community and being a part of the the big changes happening around you.

While now there are only forums scheduled for select student groups, faculty members and community members, there is still a way to share your opinions and that is by filling out a survey at go.eiu.edu/EIUDouglasHallSurvey.

We at The Daily Eastern News hope that students will use the survey to share their opinion and have pride in being involved in their campus. We also hope those students who still have the ability to attend a forum take that opportunity and not let it go to waste.