Editorial: Miller’s recent condemnation necessary for his behavior

Staff Editorial

Illinois State Representative Chris Miller was recently condemned in a resolution from the Illinois House of Representatives. Fifty-seven representatives approved the resolution.

Though this resolution did not carry with it any true weight, the symbolism of it is important to recognize.

Miller disrespected not only his constituents when he chose to use the symbol of a hate group, but he disrespected the citizens of Illinois and this country.

He, knowingly or unknowingly, gave his support to a group that actively fights against the centuries old structure that our government runs on. In either circumstance he simply chose to not represent this district or this state well to the rest of the world.

This sadly was not the first time Miller’s actions have been a disappointment to his district and if it indicates what is to come, we will continue to be disappointed.

Miller was elected to represent the whole of Illinois’ 110th district, not the small groups of those who have also shown support for the Three Percenters.

He must start to hear the voices of all of those he represents and not the radical few he can relate to.

As students at Eastern, we at The Daily Eastern News are frankly embarrassed by what seems to be an endless stream of frustrating actions on behalf of Miller.

Our editorial board chose to not endorse Miller in the most recent election for this very reason and he will continue to not have our support until he proves he is advocating for all of the 110th, not just those whose views align with his.