Editorial: Wear your mask when at outdoor sporting events

Staff Editorial

Outdoor sports are starting to occur with frequency on campus this semester.

The Eastern men’s and women’s soccer teams, softball team, baseball team and football team have had home games in recent weeks, and more are scheduled for the near future.

But just because these games are outdoors, this does not mean that wearing masks is not required.

We at The Daily Eastern News want to remind people that may be attending games of this fact.

This past weekend, the baseball and softball teams each hosted three games. For fans both in the stands and seated down the foul lines, mask wearing seemed to be completely voluntary.

This is despite signage that says masks are required and announcements during the game that say the same.

Unfortunately, the most egregious offenders often seem to be the supporters of the visiting teams.

We are not sure how to make sure that visitors from other states follow masking rules on campus, especially considering that they seem to be ignoring the signs and announcements.

Additionally, the caution tape placed on the seats at the baseball and softball fields is there for a reason. It is to make sure that fans do not sit too close to one another, so do not remove it or sit on it.

Hopefully fans can continue to attend games in person throughout the semester, but if mask wearing and social distancing continue to be scarce, perhaps it would be best to not have fans attend.

It is nice to have fans in attendance, but it is simply not worth it if it becomes a health risk to have them there.