Editorial: We are college journalists, not your enemy

Staff Editorial

We at The Daily Eastern are all students. We are all journalists. We are all many things, but above all else: we are not your enemy.

Ranging from freshman to seniors, photographers to reporters, to editors. We are all students looking to advance our skillsets so we are prepared for our future careers.

Our staff does a variety of things throughout the work day. Some weeks are boring and we can barely fill our pages with how little is happening around campus. Other weeks we are so busy we can barely find a moment to catch our breath.

But, it’s all a part of the job. Whether it’s a good or bad week we all signed up to work for this staff and to give our all to it.

This weekend was more difficult however, as three of our editors were faced with the opinions of our peers that we a little frustrating, but honestly more depressing than anything.

They met with the fact that many of our peers are completely oblivious to the work we do and what our purpose is, and so we wanted to share with you our aims and purposes.

We are The Daily Eastern News.

We are the only daily print publication at a public university in Illinois and we take pride in the work that we do covering the events around this university each and every day.

We follow a long line of journalists who have done amazing things in their careers here, as well as in their professional careers.

Our alumni also are a huge part of our production today. Tom, our pressman, works hard to print our paper everyday.Our business manager Betsy helps make sure we have the ability to keep working.And our adviser Lola guides us each day to be strong and independent journalists.

They’ve also been through everything we have at different points in time as student journalists.

Student journalists, especially those on our staff, are a million things but most importantly we are journalists, not your enemy.