Editorial: Masks are necessary; wearing one saves lives

Staff Editorial

It has been nearly a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began to fully be felt in the United States.

You would think that people would be experts on how to handle the virus by now. We have had so much experience over the past 12 months, and we should certainly be aware of the benefits of masks and social distancing.

And yet, some states are bafflingly rolling back preventative measures just as we start to ramp up vaccine distribution.

Texas and other states are doing away with mask mandates and allowing restaurants to operate at full capacity when it comes to indoor dining.

Of course, health experts are strongly advising against this, but if we have learned anything since the pandemic started, it is that people love ignoring scientists and doctors and prefer to endanger themselves and others.

We at The Daily Eastern News are surprised and disappointed that some states are foolish enough to get rid of preventative measures that have been proven to reduce the spread of the virus.

It is very unlikely that Illinois will follow in Texas’ footsteps, and this is a good thing.

Despite vaccines being administered at higher rates recently, there is still plenty of time for another devastating wave of COVID-19 in which many more lives could be lost.