Editorial: State Rep. Miller disrespects his constituents with thoughtless actions

Staff Editorial

State Rep. Chris Miller’s ties to the anti-government group the Three Percenters is disappointing and does not reflect what the citizens of his district deserve from their state representative.

Pleading ignorance is an inappropriate response to associating yourself with a group that aligns itself with extremist values and actions. 

As a politician it is Miller’s responsibility to understand the symbols and groups he attaches his name and his constituents to. 

Miller’s reaction to the breaking story was to call it “fake news;” not only is he avoiding responsibility for his own decision, but he is continuing the legacy of dangerous claims made by many Republican politicians over the last four years. 

Miller represents a majority of Eastern students in his current office. While many of those students do not hold the same views as him, he is still responsible for behaving in a way that is respectable for a man in his position.

This closely follows controversy surrounding Chris Miller’s wife, Congress woman Mary Miller, who quoted Hitler in a speech addressed to Moms for America.

Both events were reflective of alt-right viewpoints that have been extremely damaging to our democracy in recent years. Both representatives should consider acting in a way reflective of someone with their titles.

The editorial board of The Daily Eastern News  is frankly disappointed in the actions of the Miller family.

It is only the third month of the year and there have been calls for both Mary and Chris Miller to resign. Who knows what is to come in the rest of the year?