Editorial: Politicians should not be idolized by the public

Staff Editorial

Elected officials and politicians are meant to work for the people, not be idolized.

In recent history we have seen a major shift in how our representatives are view by the general public.

They have gone from being held accountable and held to their responsibilities as our local and national leaders to being put on pedestal.

Excuses are made for their bad behaviors and poor judgment. Many of their supporters cannot see past their blind allegiance to their actions.

We saw this with former President Donald Trump and we are seeing it now with current President Joe Biden.

Trump’s hateful and despicable rhetoric was brushed off because we have freedom of speech. His supporters now cry fraud at the 2020 election and fill social media with messages claiming their idol was cheated and will return to his former office.

Now we see Biden not filling promises he made to the American people and his supporters not acknowledging his shortcomings because he’s just lovable Uncle Joe who many of us grew up with as the first Vice President we could remember. 

No politician is deserving of such high honor and praise that they are not held accountable by those they represent.

As we continue on into the ever-changing world of politics we must remember that and hold it close. We are in arguably the most politically charge time in our country’s history.

Let’s not waste the opportunity for real change in our nation just to let someone who is supposed to represent us slide on their responsibilities to serve us, the people.