Editorial: Limbaugh’s legacy is one of hate and lies

Staff Editorial

Conservative radio host and media figure Rush Limbaugh died Wednesday at age 70.

Many people took to social media following news of his death and discussions of his legacy quickly sprung up online.

Some heralded him as a media trailblazer and so-called warrior against political correctness. Others focused on his decades-long record of saying racist, sexist and otherwise despicable things.

We at The Daily Eastern News consider Limbaugh’s legacy to be one of nothing but hatred and lies.

Limbaugh is a man who once had a segment on his radio show where he would read the names of people who died from the AIDS virus while playing applause sound effects.

He also compared a 12-year-old Chelsea Clinton to a dog while her father was president and said the actor Michael J. Fox was exaggerating the severity of his Parkinson’s disease to help raise awareness for stem cell research.

Limbaugh made countless racist, xenophobic and misogynistic comments and was one of the main figures that falsely claimed that Barrack Obama was not born in the United States.

It is true that Limbaugh changed the media landscape. It is also true that he made his living saying terrible things at the expense of other people with no regard for them at all.

His impact was overwhelmingly negative, and we will be dealing with it for a long time.