Editorial: Be prepared when bad weather is happening

Staff Editorial

A winter storm is bad enough on its own. So is a global pandemic.

As we learned in the past few days, a winter storm during a pandemic is a nasty combination.

The storm that began Monday caused havoc in numerous states, with wind chill warnings being issued from the United States’ Northern border to the Southern border.

States like Texas were hit particularly hard, with millions of people losing power while dealing with freezing temperatures.

More than a foot and a half of snow fell in Chicago. There was even snow on the ground in Galveston, Texas, along the Gulf of Mexico.

Comparatively, Charleston and the surrounding area was not hit too hard.

But severe weather can add stress to people’s lives who may be dealing with a lot of stress to begin with. Having difficulties traveling or losing heat in your home can make things even more challenging for people.

If you have people in your life who may be struggling with this winter storm, in particular elderly relatives or people who live in a hard-hit area, check up on them.

Make sure people are careful when out on the roads and are driving appropriately for conditions.

Temperatures are also going to remain below average for much of the week, so keep taking proper precaution.